5 Steps to Writing a Successful Scholarship Application

5 Steps to Writing a Successful Scholarship Application

Curious about the formula behind the essay that won me $60,000?

Need clarity on how to write a winning scholarship essay?

Tired of getting rejection after rejection?

Ready to start writing successful scholarship essay that will earn you money continuously? Then this e-book is for you!


Learn the five most important steps that I took to become a 7 figure scholarship winner attending Princeton University! I explain each tip in-depth, with refreshing honesty and intention. This e-book also features worksheets that will help to prime your scholarship applications for success such as:


* A checklist to use before submitting ANY scholarship application

* Targeted prompts to help organize your thoughts

* Important affirmations to hone the mindset necessary to writing winning applications

* A walk-through explanation of the psychology behind how scholarship winners are chosen (As a scholarship donor/reviewer and winner myself, I've learned the ins and outs of discerning a winning application!)